Fishing is now complete.

In order to fish in Avalon Isle you will need to obtain some twine, a stick, a hook and some bait, which can all be scavenged or obtained through loot. Fishing provides an excellent source of energy when you manage to catch anything and you should always look to carry these items when out exploring so you can create a rod.

You can find twine in chests, loot bags or scavenging derelict villages.

Sticks can be found scavenging near trees.

Hooks can be found near old Docks, washed up/abandoned boats, abandoned fishing villages or from loot from your kills.

You will be able to get worms as bait from foraging near trees and plants, or from looting the decaying bodies of the Undead.

Once you have these open the crafting menu and build the rod. Now you have these you can go to any river, lake or coastal area and cast your line in. If you have high enough Perception you might also come across enchanted pools that hold far greater prizes to be caught.

You will be mostly catching fish, but there might be an odd occasion where something else is pulled up.

Also quick note, these makeshift rods have a durability. Only hooking a catch will lower the durability as you use more tension to bring in the heavy stuff.