The basic weather system is now complete. At the start of each day, the game will decide what kind of weather will be used for that period of the year.

A year in Avalon Isle is much shorter than 365 days. To start with i’m not sure how long most people will survive for. If death is too quick by season i’ll change it, but for now, the seasons and weathers are:

Spring 16 Days
Weather: Sun, Rain
Temperatures: Mild
Dangers: None

Summer 17 Days
Weather: Sun, Thunderstorms
Temperatures: Hot
Dangers: Overheating

Autumn 17 Days
Weather: Windy, Rain
Temperatures: Chilly
Dangers: None

Winter 16 Days
Weather: Windy, Snow, Blizzard
Temperatures: Cold
Dangers: Freezing

Weather will also be tied to area. For instance you will get less snow in Calydon Forest, but you will get more at Wyr Karag in the Frozen Wastes. You will also see no snow in Har Karag, as the land is far to hot.