Name: Calydon Forest
Level: 1-2
Points of Interest: Dolorus Tower, Serpent’s Rest, Thief’s Rock and Raven Dock.


hb_t_07Calydon Forest is home to Dolorus Tower and the starting area of your survival. It is a lush, thick enchanted forest with secrets far older than it’s scarce man made structures. You will find a good selection of plants and mushrooms to use on the Apothecary table and seeds for Cultivation. It is split in two by the River Glass, which is roamed by Water Wraiths; withered green skinned creatures blamed for dragging people to the depths and wrecking of fishing equipment throughout the River stretch. Other known creatures you’ll face in Calydon Forest are Fachans, Dunters, Moss Wolves and Giant Spiders.

Serpent’s Rest is small dungeon structure to clear to the North East of the forest which has since come back to life with reptiles and arachnids. Recent scrying reveals the Papagustes Serpent is awake once again.

There is also a small presence of Raven Ardent in the forest down near the docks.