There are 9 playable races in total to provide some varied replay-ability. With 3 coming from each of the Arthurian Legend, Norse Legend and Irish Folklore. 1 of each realm will be available at the start of the game, with the remaining becoming unlocked as you complete certain achievements or tasks as the game progresses.

Each race has it’s own stats, pros and cons, some of which are shown below.

Arthurian Legend:

Avalonian: High Mana : Low Physical Resistance
Avalonians are the most magically attuned of the humanoid races of Albion. They arrived from Avalon Isle around the 2nd of the Twelve Battles, at the Blackwater, to aid Breton Arthur in his fight against The Norse. They are a little taller than most and could be mistook for Ljosalfar if they were but a little paler.

Bretons make up the vast majority of the human races of Albion and reside predominantly in and around Camelot. They are magically curious, which can often be a curse. Because of this they are more susceptible to influences of the Witching Veil of the Otherworld.

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Norse Legend:

Ljosalfar: High Damage : Low Perception
The Ljosalfar of Ljosalfheim are the Dokkalfar’s counterparts. Pale and softly spoken, these Elves are seasoned Magic users that can even teach Albion Elder Mages a fewnew tricks.

Elves of the blackest night. Dokkalfar live in Nidavellir. Due to their reclusive nature not much is known about these Elves other than their desire to be aspiring Sorcerers.

The icy Dwarven Mages of Niflheim are a hardy race. What they lack in magical prowess they make up for in determination, hard work and odd contraptions.

Irish Folklore:

Aos Sí: +1% Critical Hit : Low Health
Descendants of the Tuath Dé and walkers of the Otherworld. Aos Sí are reckless magical beings that intimidate even the hardiest Mages when they are angry or upset.

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Tuath Dé:
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