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Day & Night cycle

As with the days and seasons, it would be odd not to include a day and night cycle. Whilst you should be resting and sleeping your character at night, there might be some benefits to going out in the dark once in a while.

Special flora might only come out at night in particular season that is a vital ingredient in certain potions to make. The same could be said for particular fish. You might also stumble across special interest areas that appears under the night sky. What looks like an empty ruin during the day, could be teeming with demonic or undead creatures during the night.

Be careful however. There are far greater horrors that lurk in certain areas at night than during the day. What could be a harmless stroll at dusk outside could end up resulting in a nasty encounter which will hinder your daytime playing experiences or simply leave you dead on the floor.

I’ve just started the doing the cycle and shouldn’t take too long to do. The interesting part will be the hidden explorable areas for you to find and events that take place.



Fishing is now complete.

In order to fish in Avalon Isle you will need to obtain some twine, a stick, a hook and some bait, which can all be scavenged or obtained through loot. Fishing provides an excellent source of energy when you manage to catch anything and you should always look to carry these items when out exploring so you can create a rod.

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Music for working

Everyone needs a little music to listen to whilst designing and developing. I found the below song to help with battle scarred areas. I’m going to have to put a bagpipe in now!

Character Resource

The Character Resource is now underway.

As you travel in and around the zones, you will need to be mindful of your Character’s Resource. Resource are your stats that need attention.

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Weather System complete!

The basic weather system is now complete. At the start of each day, the game will decide what kind of weather will be used for that period of the year.

A year in Avalon Isle is much shorter than 365 days. To start with i’m not sure how long most people will survive for. If death is too quick by season i’ll change it, but for now, the seasons and weathers are:

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Location Spotlight: Calydon Forest

Name: Calydon Forest
Level: 1-2
Points of Interest: Dolorus Tower, Serpent’s Rest, Thief’s Rock and Raven Dock.

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Playable Races

There are 9 playable races in total to provide some varied replay-ability. With 3 coming from each of the Arthurian Legend, Norse Legend and Irish Folklore. 1 of each realm will be available at the start of the game, with the remaining becoming unlocked as you complete certain achievements or tasks as the game progresses.

Each race has it’s own stats, pros and cons, some of which are shown below.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in Avalon Isle’s development! As you may or may not know by now (About), Avalon Isle is a single player, 2D, top down fantasy survival game set in a mix of Arthurian Legend, Norse Legend and Irish Folklore.

Avalon Isle has been in development since March 2016, and I’m aiming for a release date of Q1 2017 if my life doesn’t get in the way (spoiler, it does).

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